Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A letter to fill you in

I have spent my time in bed,  crocheting, watching for drug o'clock, dreading that time when my arse cheek falls asleep and I have to roll to face yet another wall. Watching my belly swell with the life blossoming inside, poking to try and guess what is head and what is feet, begging for the pain to let up for just a little while.

Yes. This post is miserable,  today, quite frankly,  I am miserable. My words are not beautiful and I feel all smoggy inside. My countdown til baby evacuation is stretching ever longer and choking down painkillers has grown tiresome. Today. Quite frankly. I have had enough.

But, tomorrow I will be woken by my biggest boy, I will help him dress and talk about dinosaurs. My littlest will watch episode after episode of Fireman Sam and I will do my best to not hate Norman Price. Tomorrow, my resolve will strengthen and I'll tell the grump to go.

Today, I'm stuck in a misery rut.

Tomorrow, I'll find my fight.


  1. I think you're entitled to your down days, Mrs. But I'll hold you to it - you wake up a warrior tomorrow ;-) love your down to earth honesty in this. Glad you linked up xx

  2. I'm sorry things seem so wretched for you at the moment :( I hope you told the grump where to go and are feeling a little better since. Thanks for joining us! x

  3. Well done for your honesty and openness - nothing worse than feeling tired and grumpy and dissatisfied and then coming online to read people's blogs in which they're always upbeat and organised and got life all sorted. Much better to connect with Real People.
    Hope you did wake up more hopeful and find your fight. I suspect he's not far away.
    Thank you.